BZ Reily

Ready to ink
Ready to ink!

laying down paper
Laying the paper down directly on top of the board took many hands.
In May of 2010, I participated with Julie Rivera and Diane Travis in a Northampton Arts Council project called "Steamroller Printing". Ten artist designs were selected to be printed by a road steamroller. We worked together for a month to carve a 4' x 6' MDF board and used imagery from the body interior as our theme. The community came together on a beautiful spring day to ink, print, hand rub, and display all the prints in a show that night. A true community spirit prevailed when the steamroller broke and everyone had to pool resources (and arm strength) to get the blocks printed.
helping others to print
Helping others to print their boards by hand after the steamroller broke.
steamroller print
A "steamroller print."