BZ Reily


My wall sculptures are constructed with weathered and worn objects, antique wood, metal scraps, Raku clay, bits and pieces from the natural world, and remains from our consumer culture.

I am drawn to combining ordinary objects, organic and the man made, whole and fragmented and to then puzzling them back together in new ways. I am intrigued by mysterious objects from our past and to human made things eroded by time and the weather. Sculptural parts are then reinvented in such a way as to emphasize their form and texture and the negative space between the objects.

I know a sculpture is finished when it generates a particular spirit that in turn rejuvenates the found pieces.

Giclee prints of B.Z.'s art images are now available. Prints can be made in any size but must be proportional to the original size of the images. Here are some sample prices:

11" x 14" $55
12" x 18" $70
16" x 16" $75
16" x 24" $90

Sales tax and shipping within the U.S.A. are included. For more information or to purchase a giclee print, please contact B.Z. at

B.Z. Reily